budget car rental services

Budget Rent A Car has an abundance of special services offered to their valued customers. These services are broken into products, perks, and programs. These hot products, special services, and perks are just a bonus when talking about Budget Rental Cars and their ability to serve their clients. Choose from a multitude of added services and products that will not only make your rental experience that much more simple but also your experience navigating a new city and or making your journey much safer for you and your family. Save time and money with your Budget Car Rental coupons and these great services and perks from Budget Rent A Car.

There are quite a few ranging from GPS navigation to child safety seats and EZFuel. These products and services will surely save you time and money whether you are on a business or personal trip. Some of these services are outlined for you below, but there are an impressive amount of services and perks offered through Budget. For example, you have the Lowest Car Rental Rate Promise, e-Receipt, One-Way Car Rental, and many more aside from the ones described below.


Having GPS is the difference between getting where you need to go quickly and getting there at all. You can use Budget's Where2 GPS to complete the drive in less time than without it. For a low additional rate you can set your destination and get to that location in no time. Where2 GPS turns your Budget Car Rental into a smart vehicle that aims to get you where you need to go directly.

Child Saftey Seating

Child safety is definitely an integral part of your rental of a quality, safe vehicle. That is why child safety seating is available for you at a small additional fee. Budget Rent A Car offers a variety of child safety seating including rear facing seats and booster seats. Don't take any chances on the safety and well being of your little ones. Rent your child safety seat with your vehicle today and make sure your whole family is safe.

E-Toll Payment

All you need is a couple dollars per day to fly up and down the major toll roads in the city you are visiting. E-Toll let's you skip the lines at the tolls and continue on where ever you need to go. Need your E-toll for a week? You may get a discount! E-Toll from Budget Car Rental Company offers anyone at participating locations across the country where toll roads run the show. Make driving easier with Budget Rent A Car E-Toll.

Refueling services

Budget Rent A Car has a couple of different refueling options. In a time where convenience is key, refueling options make your life much easier when renting and returning a vehicle. Extra charges usually apply when a vehicle is not returned with the proper amount of fuel. Pay a little extra at the time of rental for a full tank of gas, no matter how much is in there when you're through.

disability services

At Budget Car Rental Company, everyone should have the ability to drive. There are obviously some who are not fortunate enough to partake in the privilege for one reason or another; however, the disabled have nothing to worry about. Budget Rent A Car has a list of disability devices and services they offer to those with hearing problems or even those needing wheelchairs.

Rental Insurance

Renter's insurance is the difference between getting a great deal, and PAYING a great deal on your Budget Rental Car. You though your coupons for Budget Car Rentals were going to keep that rental cheap, but didn't opt for insurance. Now you're buying a car that was totally damaged or stolen. No good. Budget Car Rental Company has quite a few car rental insurance options, all reasonably priced.